SXSW: The event, made for the future, wants to talk about AI with responsibility and innovation

SXSW: The event, made for the future, wants to talk about AI with responsibility and innovation

Made for the future, SXSW wants to talk about AI with responsibility and innovation

The world’s largest innovation and technology event brings together experts from different areas next week and will have content in Portuguese promoted by Itaú

The association between Artificial Intelligence (AI), art, games and the creative economy with safety and responsibility should be the setting for the 2024 edition of South by Southwest (SXSW), the largest technology and innovation event in the world, which starts this Friday on Friday (8) in Austin, Texas.

Known for providing unlikely encounters and generating debates that permeate innovation, the event brings together experts from different areas to talk about the latest in the development of technologies that can change the world. This year, the debates will feature names such as Peter Deng, executive at OpenAI and head of Chat GPT, and Lisa Su, president of AMD, in addition to the participation of Brazilians, such as actor Wagner Moura and the co-CEO of EVE, a “ flying cars” from Embraer, André Stein.

Artificial Intelligence: technology working for human valorization

In the 38th edition of the event, the debates should bring the most recent reflections on the application of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life.

One of the most anticipated presences, Lisa Su, alongside business expansion expert Ryan Patel, is expected to discuss the future of AI and how millions of people are adopting technology to facilitate problem solving and improve company performance. The table will feature audio translation into Portuguese and Spanish, an initiative offered by Itaú that promotes the democratization of the main discussions and trends in technology.

According to SXSW director Hugh Forrest, the invitation for CEOs and industry leaders to participate engages other people passionate about technology. “Every year we are privileged to welcome leaders and trailblazers who have risen to the top of their fields through hard work, innovative leadership and passion for their craft.”

SXSW began as a music conference in 1987, with the goal of promoting the local music industry and providing a platform for emerging artists. Over time, the festival expanded its activities to include film, technology and interactive media, reflecting the growing intersection between these industries.

The conference has gained prominence in recent decades for attracting innovations, startups, industry leaders and technology enthusiasts from around the world and has become an important meeting point for the film industry as well, screening a wide range of films, documentaries and independent productions.

With talks, panels and interactive demonstrations, the festival is expected to offer a platform to explore the implications of AI in different contexts, from creating music and films to the conception of innovative design products, in a broader and more comprehensive debate of the impact of new technologies in everyday life and global culture.

The event, which runs until March 16th, also offers 23 other programming tracks, covering topics such as Advertising, Gaming Industry, Health, Mobility and Climate Change. More than 100 lectures will be available with subtitles in Portuguese and Spanish on the event’s YouTube channel, an initiative offered by Itaú.

As the first Brazilian company to sponsor SXSW and now present for the second year in a row, the bank aims to overcome geographic and language barriers, allowing content to reach a wider audience in Brazil.