SXSW: As sponsor of the event, Itaú will translate more than 100 talks

SXSW: As sponsor of the event, Itaú will translate more than 100 talks

As a sponsor of SXSW, Itaú will translate more than 100 talks

The only Brazilian sponsor of the event, Itaú reinforces the festival’s strategy by making the translation of 100 talks available on SXSW’s YouTube

When renewing its sponsorship of South by Southwest (SXSW), for the second year in a row, Itaú will offer free translation of more than 100 talks at the event, which will take place between March 8th and 16th in Austin, Texas. The initiative is part of the bank’s innovation events platform, which seeks to democratize Brazilian access to the main global discussions and trends on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

According to Itaú, its sponsorship gains more relevance this year, due to the brand’s new positioning “made for the future”, launched in December last year, in a campaign that brought together big names, such as Madonna, Jorge Ben Jor, Ronaldo Nazário, Fernanda Montenegro, Ingrid Silva and Marta.

The lectures translated and subtitled by Itaú will be available on the SXSW YouTube channel, starting 72 hours after the live event in Austin. According to Rodrigo Montesano, marketing superintendent at Itaú Unibanco, the objective of the initiative is to break down the main barriers that make it difficult for a wider audience to access the event, such as geographic distance, financial barriers and language.

Calendar of events

As part of its strategy at SXSW, Itaú will also promote a calendar of proprietary events in Brazil, which will take place in various locations, such as bank offices, investment centers, innovation hubs and communities. To date, 9 events have already been confirmed in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Recife and Belo Horizonte. Furthermore, bank customers who intend to attend the event can purchase their discounted tickets directly on the SXSW sales platform.

Itaú will also support Casa São Paulo, an initiative by InvestSP, a development agency for the State of São Paulo, which promises to bring Brazilian creativity and innovation to SXSW 2024. Executives from Itaú will be part of Casa São Paulo’s programming, which will be made available in the next days. Last year, the bank’s participation in SXSW featured a physical structure at the event, a stand called Itaú Lounge, located inside the Austin Convention Center – where the festival’s main panels take place. However, this year, the bank will no longer have this physical space.

2023 Balance Sheet

A survey by Itaú Unibanco, during the festival period in 2023 – from March 10th to 19th – the economic movement of Brazilians in Austin was significant. According to the study, there was a notable increase in in-person purchases compared to the period after the event. The data revealed exponential growth in terms of quantity and values generated, with a 1764% increase in purchases in the city during SXSW, compared to subsequent days, considering the same number of days. The value of transactions also increased (449%) during the event, with an average ticket of R$5,210, contrasting with R$1,533 on subsequent dates.

Brazilians’ main expenses during the event period were on hotels (49%), restaurants (10%) and bars (6%). During the period, generation Y was the most present in terms of quantity of purchases, representing 44% of transactions, followed closely by generation Z, with 49%. Furthermore, the majority of purchases were made by people with incomes above 10 salaries, representing 89% of the value share during the event. The average ticket for this income range was R$5,063.