South Summit Brazil: Instituto Aliança Empresarial will have a panel of ambassadors and companies from the north of Rio Grande do Sul

South Summit Brazil: Instituto Aliança Empresarial will have a panel of ambassadors and companies from the north of Rio Grande do Sul

Instituto Aliança Empresarial will have a panel of ambassadors and companies from the north of Rio Grande do Sul at South Summit Brazil 2024

Institutional director Márcia Capellari represents the organization at the largest innovation event in Latin America

The Instituto Aliança Empresarial will represent the ecosystem of companies in the north of Rio Grande do Sul at the South Summit Brazil 2024, which takes place from March 20th to 22nd, at Cais Mauá, in Porto Alegre. The event, which is considered one of the main business events in the world and the largest in Latin America, brings together startups, companies and investors from different countries. According to the government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, which is co-organizing the event, the expectation is for an audience of 24 thousand people over the three days.

With its own station at the event, the Instituto Aliança Empresarial will be at the event for the third time and will have the participation of innovation laboratories during the three days of activities. The Passo Fundo Innovation Secretariat, TOTVS and the Human and Organizational Development Manager will be present at the Institute during the program. Furthermore, startups invested in by the Institute participate in investment and business rounds. Hub Aliança will even be the case for a panel on the revitalization of a historic mill that hosts an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in the north of Rio Grande do Sul.

In this edition, the institutional director of Instituto Aliança Empresarial, Márcia Capellari, makes up the team of ambassadors for South Summit Brazil. The businesswoman, who is also a partner at Semente Negócios, guarantees that the invitation to the event symbolizes recognition of the work of the northern Gaucho community, led by Passo Fundo, in promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and economic, technological and social development.

“We feel the potential to contribute to the state’s economic development with actions in the northern region, as well as the opportunity to increase the visibility and impact of innovative initiatives developed in our region. In addition to valuing our contribution to the innovation ecosystem, this invitation reinforces the potential that the region has in becoming a technological, entrepreneurial and innovative hub with global recognition”, highlights the ambassador.

According to Márcia, this is the opportunity to connect the north of Rio Grande do Sul with the world in an exchange that should have an impact on attracting investments and be a path for national and international strategic partnerships.

“The northern region’s connection with the world is crucial for regional development, because it allows the region to boost its actions with the best innovation and entrepreneurship practices, adapting them to specific needs and strengthening its positioning on the international stage to review its models This not only accelerates local innovation, but also enables companies and entities in the region to present their innovative solutions on a global stage, contributing to a more competitive and diverse ecosystem”, he adds.

Activities of the Instituto Aliança Empresarial in South Summit Brazil:

Business presentations at the Instituto Aliança Empresarial station (TOTVs, Passo Fundo Innovation Secretariat and Human and Organizational Development Manager)
20 to 22/03;

Investment and business rounds for startups invested by Instituto Aliança Empresarial;

Business rounds for startups founded by women – partnership with Banco do Brasil
03/21 – 11am

Panel “Corporate innovation and ESG impact” by RS Innovation, with the cases Instituto Aliança Empresarial, with Márcia Capellari, and the Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE), with Beto Secretas;
03/21 – 4:10 pm

South Summit Brazil
The event originated in Spain and has been taking place in Brazil since 2022. This is the third edition in Porto Alegre. This year, according to the organization, more than 600 speakers are planned, 125 of which are international, in addition to more than a thousand investors, 140 investment funds and seven thousand companies.

Photo: Archive / Instituto Aliança Empresarial
Márcia Capellari (in the photo), from Instituto Aliança Empresarial, is one of the ambassadors of South Summit Brazil 2024