SILICON VALLEY – Innovation Center

We Help Companies Grow and Innovate By Educating Them About Disruptive Technologies And Emerging Trends

What is

Silicon Valley Innovation Center
The Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is a global hub for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, SVIC provides an unparalleled platform for startups, entrepreneurs, and corporations to build, develop, and market disruptive technologies. Through its world-class events, expert-led workshops, and customized corporate and venture programs, SVIC serves as a gateway to the global innovation community.

GLOBAL CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS and SPEAKER EVENTS on innovation, emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and entrepreneurship. Available online or in person.

INNOVATION STUDY TOURS and EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS in technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Our programs, now available online or in person in Silicon Valley,  include meetings with leading technology companies, top technology experts, insights from the disruptive startups, and analytics on emerging trends for specific industries.

Our Thesis

Disruptive technology forces are radically transforming the landscape of every industry. Technology has emerged as a core asset and a key competitive differentiator between the winners and losers of this increasingly global competition.

To avoid disruption and become a winner, you must turn emerging technologies into an engine for the new growth of your business and your core competitive advantage. You must also learn how to disrupt yourself (by introducing new products with lower prices and higher quality).

We make the best practices of Silicon Valley’s disruptive innovation available to you. Join the hundreds of companies that are building new value by creating innovative products and cultivating a culture of innovation.