R. da Consolação, 2302
Consolação, São Paulo – SP

Ecosystem to accelerate innovation inside and outside Bradesco

With the aim of meeting the needs of our clients and ensuring the sustainability of the organization, Bradesco structured the inovabra ecosystem based on collaborative work between Bradesco, startups, companies, technological partners, educational institutions, investors and mentors.

An environment to make a difference

This is where everything happens: networking, co-creation of solutions and exclusive content. Startups have access to business opportunities with Bradesco and large inovabra partner companies. Show that your startup can make a difference to the business of large companies by being part of the inovabra co-innovation environment.

A venture capital investment team that is part of Bradesco’s innovation ecosystem, inovabra

inovabra ventures seeks opportunities with global reach potential in different stages and sectors. Our focus is companies with a well-defined value proposition. We want to help you build value, structure, develop and expand your company’s business with entrepreneurs. The objective is to maximize the return on the funds’ invested capital with the help of the bank’s corporate levers.