Gramado Summit: Record attendance and international announcement mark first day

Gramado Summit: Record attendance and international announcement mark first day

Innovation conference takes place from April 10th to 12th, in Gramado, and reaches 15 thousand visitors from all over the country

The most charming city in Serra Gaúcha woke up with great expectations for the first day of Gramado Summit, one of the main innovation, entrepreneurship and technology events. The first day brought together major market leaders from different segments. There were more than 15 thousand visitors and 500 exhibiting companies, in addition to hundreds of lectures in 10 simultaneous content tracks.

The main stage of the event was ready to witness the latest advancements and most disruptive ideas shaping the future. Opening the event, the master of ceremonies, Rafael Cortez, arrived to liven up the audience and bring an electrifying atmosphere, followed by the opening keynote by the CEO of Gramado Summit, Marcus Rossi, and the opening speech by the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, together with the Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology, Simone Stülp. During the talk, Leite applauded all the visitors to the event who attended the official opening and thanked those present from Rio Grande do Sul and the public from outside the State who, this year, represent around 70% of the Gramado Summit audience.

During the event’s opening keynote, Marcus Rossi, CEO of Gramado Summit, shares that in addition to infrastructure issues, the event organization always seeks to provide an immersive experience for all exhibitors and visitors.

“We always seek to improve, this year we have big names in the national and international market. If I could translate how much we worked, it would be with a sentence exactly like this: “Nobody cares about your story until you win.” And now we broke the record of 15 thousand participants. Back then, when we announced that we were going to bring all this, we were afraid. And what happened? We managed to beat that number and we managed to hold a historic Gramado Summit”, he comments.

Names such as Mari Maria (businesswoman and influencer), Helena Bertho (Nubank), Erico Borgo (Founder Omelete), Leandro Ladeira (Venda Todo Santo Dia), Alfredo Soares (G4 Educação), Natalia Beauty passed through the main stage of the event on the first day. (NB Group), Gilberto Silva (high performance mentor), Otaviano Costa (actor), Mariana Saad (influencer and businesswoman) and Monique Evelle (Inventivos).

Furthermore, the stages Geek, PUSH, Fecomércio/RS, Government of Rio Grande do Sul, Share, Startups, Negócios Conscientes, hygia saúde, Magazord and Ventiur exceeded the public’s expectations through a special program for the first day of the event . In addition, the Gramado Summit stand was highlighted with a program of intimate mentoring sessions, aimed at previously registered visitors, in addition to interactions and prizes for visitors.

International news – Still in the opening keynote of the event, Marcus Rossi presented a big news: the holding of a Gramado Summit in Punta Del Este, on the 26th and 27th of September this year. In partnership with the Uruguayan government, the innovation conference takes a big step towards internationalization. For this first edition, it is expected to receive 1,500 participants, dozens of brands on display and around 50 speakers.

Gramado Summit was created in 2017 by entrepreneur and CEO Marcus Rossi. In its first edition, it focused on exposure and content for early-stage startups, bringing together an audience of 700 people. Over the years, the event began to prospect larger companies for the business fair and also a broader audience for the lecture discussions. For the 2024 edition, there will be 400 speakers and 500 companies exhibiting at the business fair.

Gramado Summit 2024 in numbers

10 content tracks
400 speakers
500 exhibitors

300 startups and/or small businesses

main states of companies: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Acre, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte
The most prominent segments among startups are retailtechs, fintechs, healthtechs, edtechs, martechs, HRtechs, govtechs, indtechs, lawtechs, proptechs and foodtechs

15 thousand visitors
23 Brazilian states
70% of the participating public is from outside Rio Grande do Sul
500 investors
28 thousand square meters of built area
R$60 million in economic impact.