Gramado Summit has more than 400 speakers for the 2024 edition

Gramado Summit has more than 400 speakers for the 2024 edition

Gramado Summit innovation event has more than 400 speakers for the edition that takes place this month

Among the announced speakers are Mari Maria, Gilberto Silva, Joel Jota, Rafael Cortez, Romero Rodrigues and Helena Bertho

Between the 10th and 12th of April, the Gramado Summit innovation conference promises to once again hold the Festival of the Future, discussing relevant topics for the coming years and presenting disruptive ideas. There are more than 400 confirmed speakers, 500 exhibiting companies and more than 15 thousand visitors from all over Brazil.

Among the announced speakers are Mari Maria (influencer), Marcos Piangers (Daddy is Pop), Veronica Oliveira (Faxina Boa), Gilberto Silva (high performance mentor), Denílson Show (five-time world champion), Romero Rodrigues (Headline), Natalia Beauty (NB Group), Christiano Faig (Microsoft), Alfredo Soares (G4 Educação), Rafael Cortez (comedian), Carol Trentini (model), Erico Borgo (Omelete), Otaviano Costa (actor), Joel Jota (high performance mentor) , Jandaraci Araujo (Counselor 101), Helena Bertho (Nubank), Icaro de Abreu (IBM) and Yuri Mussoly (Tiktok). All announced names can be seen here.

The more than 400 speakers will be distributed across ten content tracks, which will be scheduled simultaneously. They are: main stage, geek stage, hygia health stage, share stage (communication and marketing), startups stage, PUSH stage (career and female entrepreneurship) and conscious business stage, in addition to interactive stands with tracks focused on e-commerce, government and investments.

Among the topics that will be covered in the lectures are the digital market, ESG, future of brands, content and strategy for companies, career development, leadership, artificial intelligence, customer experience and open innovation, startups, games, health and entrepreneurship cases . The schedule of lectures has already been published and can be seen at this link.

In addition to the content stages, the event structure includes a business fair, which brings together early-stage startups and, at the same time, brands already consolidated in the market. In addition to the lectures and the business fair, the event holds some technological competitions for participants and exhibitors, such as the traditional Battle of Startups (which rewards the best startup at the fair with a financial investment). Hundreds of investors also participate in the event.

About Gramado Summit – Gramado Summit was created in 2017 by entrepreneur and CEO Marcus Rossi. In its first edition, it focused on exposure and content for early-stage startups, bringing together an audience of 700 people. Over the years, the event began to prospect larger companies for the business fair and also a broader audience for the lecture discussions. In 2023, in its last edition, it received 10 thousand visitors, 500 companies exhibiting at the business fair and around 300 speakers in the content areas.