Gramado Summit closes last day with records

Gramado Summit closes last day with records

Gramado Summit closes last day with records and confirmed date for 2025

Organization closes event with expectations for edition in Punta Del Este and 2025

On the last day of Gramado Summit 2024, participants were treated to a series of stimulating talks, informative panels and engaging discussions, consolidating its reputation as one of the main innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and startups meetings in the country. With the presence of renowned speakers from the market, the last day of the event was marked by deep insights and inspiring perspectives.

The main stage yielded promising discussions through renowned figures from the Brazilian scene, such as Carol Trentini (model), Romero Rodrigues (Headline), Yuri Mussoly (Tiktok), Icaro de Abreu (IBM), Ad Junior (communicator), Geraldo Rufino ( JR Diesel) And Jandaraci Araujo (Conselheiras 101).

One of the striking features of Gramado Summit 2024 was the diversity of topics covered, providing participants with a comprehensive view of current and future trends that are shaping the business and technological landscape. In addition to the main lectures, the three-day Gramado Summit also promoted several networking activities, practical workshops and opportunities for interaction with startups and innovative companies.

Experiences within the pavilions are highlighted at the innovation conference fair. “We brought an MVP first hand, which is a smart lipstick. This product brings a lot of accessibility and inclusion, through a product that can be applied automatically for the visually impaired. In addition, we have two olfactory experiences in the space, where you can smell the same fragrance with music and without music and see how different it is. The experience has been very rewarding. Gramado Summit is a high visibility opportunity, with a special partnership between our startups, and we are having a lot of movement interesting with our experiences”, comments Clarice Sasson, manager of Strategic Product Innovation at Grupo Boticário.

The businesswoman and regular customer of the Gramado Summit for three editions, Taciele Monteiro, shares that the event exceeded her expectations due to the diversity of talks. “When we go to new environments, listen to new people, it is very enriching. The spaces have been very good, the people, the connections, the diversity and everyone being able to give their opinion openly”, comments Taciele.

In addition to the presence of great speakers, the event was able to count on the announcement of the winners of Sebrae Like a Boss, a program created and operated by Sebrae that aims to stimulate an integrated competition between startups, seeking to connect and qualify them for the national and international market.

After a day of competitions, the winner of the Rio Grande do Sul stage of Sebrae Like a Boss is the startup Hub 360. According to Rafael Aquino, founder and CEO of the startup, the award was a journey of learning during participation in other competitions with the same objective . “Our company’s proposal is to revolutionize marketing as it happens in the world today. As marketing today is a variable where companies end up wasting a lot of money, we thought about using the biggest on the market, which is artificial intelligence, the biggest technological leap that we have to be able to manage ads and this company’s budget can be managed in a better way. Today, 80% of companies are dissatisfied wasting billions of dollars and today we have solutions for this bottleneck and we are open to receiving investments, but we have not yet found the correct investor. The award is certainly recognition and a reward for having worked hard over the last three years, but today I managed to get there. It is a great satisfaction that we achieved it”, comments Rafael.

Another competition that ended on the last day of Gramado Summit was the traditional Battle of Startups, which awards the best startup exhibitor at the event. The competition is held in partnership with the Ventiur accelerator and awarded R$200,000 to the company Eva Saúde.

Closing the Gramado Summit 2024, the organizers also revealed ambitious plans for 2025, promising an even more robust program, new strategic partnerships and innovative business opportunities. Gramado Summit 2025 is confirmed to take place from June 4th to 6th. In September 2024, an edition of the Gramado Summit will also be held in Uruguay for the first time. The event takes place on September 26th and 27th, in Punta Del Este.

Gramado Summit 2024 in numbers

10 content tracks
400 speakers
500 exhibitors

300 startups and/or small businesses

main states of companies: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Acre, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte
The most prominent segments among startups are retailtechs, fintechs, healthtechs, edtechs, martechs, HRtechs, govtechs, indtechs, lawtechs, proptechs and foodtechs

15 thousand visitors
23 Brazilian states
70% of the participating public is from outside Rio Grande do Sul
500 investors
28 thousand square meters of built area
R$60 million in economic impact.