Gramado Summit announces edition in Punta del Este

Gramado Summit announces edition in Punta del Este

Gramado Summit announces edition in Punta del Este

Innovation conference consolidates itself internationally by closing a partnership with the Uruguayan government

One of Brazil’s main innovation conferences is now also arriving in Uruguay. The Gramado Summit organization has just announced that an edition of the event will be held in Punta del Este on the 26th and 27th of September this year.

In partnership with the Uruguayan government, the innovation conference takes a big step towards internationalization. For this first edition, it is expected to receive 1,500 participants, dozens of brands on display and around 50 speakers. The Gramado Summit Punta del Este will be held at the Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center facilities, with Solanas Punta del Este as its official accommodation.

“After the success achieved in Brazil, the time has come to expand our impact at a global level and start a new adventure with an international presence, so, from September 2024, Punta del Este and Uruguay will be a new home for us to think about future together”, highlights the CEO of Gramado Summit, Marcus Rossi.

He also believes that the meeting in Punta del Este will soon have a similar dimension to that in Gramado. “We see a lot of potential for internationalization with holding the event in Punta. We believe that very soon we will have a dimension as large as the one we held in Gramado. After all, the destination of Punta is incredible and immersive”, adds Marcus.

Sales for the edition in Punta del Este are open on the website

About Gramado Summit – Gramado Summit was created in 2017 by entrepreneur and CEO Marcus Rossi. In its first edition, it focused on exposure and content for early-stage startups, bringing together an audience of 700 people. Over the years, the event began to prospect larger companies for the business fair and also a broader audience for the lecture discussions. In 2023, in its last edition, it received 10 thousand visitors, 500 companies exhibiting at the business fair and around 300 speakers in the content areas.

For the 2024 edition, which takes place from April 10th to 12th, there are 400 speakers, 15 thousand visitors and 500 companies exhibiting at the business fair. Among the names already confirmed are Mari Maria (influencer), Marcos Piangers (Daddy is Pop), Veronica Oliveira (Faxina Boa), Gilberto Silva (high performance mentor), Denílson Show (five-time world champion), Romero Rodrigues (Headline), Natalia Beauty (NB Group), Christiano Faig (Microsoft), Jandaraci Araujo (Conselheira 101), Icaro de Abreu (IBM) and Yuri Mussoly (Tiktok).